Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Vision Focused on G. O. D.

Two of many baptisms this year - May 21, 2006

By Pastor Robert J. Thompson
The Informer, April 2004

Sometime ago I shared a vision for our church that seems to have been missed by most of those who read "The Informer." So I prayed about a way of putting that vision so that everyone who reads it may be able to tell others about what we are endeavoring to achieve. Every church has to have a purpose. That is our mission statement. The vision is not exclusive from the mission or purpose statement that we have adopted. Here it is simply and plainly: G. O. D.

This acronym is simple and recognizable. It gives us three points of general vision: things that I believe that God wants us to accomplish. A vision statement is not supposed to contain details. It is a destination. The step by step details are called objectives that lead us to our ultimate destination. God told the children of Israel that he had a land ready for them. It was up to them to follow His leadership so that they could arrive there. The Promised Land was that which Abraham had attained for them through his faithful trust of and in God. "Go to a land that I will show you." That was the vision that God showed him. Abram did not get the details. God worked them out as Abram journeyed in faith. But we seen to need more as we sharpen our focus on what God has for us. I prayed for God to give me something that was succinct and memorable. There is nothing more succinct than the name GOD.
G-Growing in Christ
O-Obeying God's Word
D-Doing Christian Ministry

We should all be able to remember God. That is who Isaiah saw when King Uzziah died. He had a new vision of God, which led to a new vision of himself. This vision of himself let to his personal humility and a Spirit of volunteerism that put him on the field of outreach. We need the same vision and spiritual presence in us.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

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